Lake Forest, CA

Job Description

  • Maintain daily project communications with Clients, Project Managers, Engineering Team and Upper Management as needed.
  • Assist the Engineering Team with Clients in various markets nationwide.
  • Track and maintain projects in Client databases.
  • Provide project forecasts.
  • Enter project information into the department database.
  • Maintain accurate records.
  • Review Client deliverables and provide the appropriate action.
  • Be customer friendly, provide Clients with projects promptly.
  • Help maintain aggressive Client deadlines.
  • Prepare Client quotes and Purchase Order Request for potential service work.
  • Work with Engineering Lead and Project Managers to coordinate subcontract work.
  • Follow Finance and Project Control processes to assist in monthly billing.
  • Be able to prioritize work and create a daily work plan.
  • Be able to effectively gauge workload and know when and how to effectively identify overload.
  • Define issues that may hinder the project before they arise and come up with appropriate solutions to resolve them.
  • Be able to communication solutions to the Project Manager or Lead Engineer.
  • Analyze information provided to ensure you understand the actions, steps, processes or tasks required and/or be able to ask any necessary questions before starting new projects.

Skills Required

  • Knowledge of current available technology to help organize tasks and coordinate processes (Office 365, Trello, SharePoint, Excel, Teams)
  • 3+ years as a Project Coordinator and/or Bachelor's Degree preferred.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

To apply, email Rob Kitsteiner at

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