Infinigy has developed a revolutionary product for reinforcing monopoles. Tower Tendon Technology is a patent-pending apparatus that minimizes cost and is guaranteed to reduce installation time over traditional structural enhancements.

Our engineering and construction team exclusively DESIGNS, FURNISHES and INSTALLS this new industry system. This new technology saves time by utilizing snap-in connection devices replacing the need for fasteners with loose hardware or welding. Tower Tendon Technology utilizes pre-stressed mechanical anchors embedded into the foundation coupled to high strength reinforcing rods connected to the tower. The reinforcing rods are offset from the tower facets to increase strength and minimize interference with current appurtenances.

This system is ideal for resisting cyclic loading often encountered in monopole applications!


No Welding | No Wrenches | Easy to Install | Low Cost | Resistant to Cyclic Wind Loads

Rigid Connectors Designed to Resist Up to 8,000 lbs.
Reinforcement Stands Off Pole Face 6” Giving Increased Capacity Using Less Steel
Single Reinforcing Bar is Lighter Than a Normal 4” x .75” Flat Plate
Reinforcement in Extendable
Removes Tension Forces From Anchor Bolts Reducing Stress in Base Plates