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Infinigy is a professional services company focused on expanding the development and implementation of technical solutions throughout the telecommunications industry.

Site DevelopmentEngineeringConstructionDAS / Small CellPublic Safety

Site Development

Complete construction management for site preparation, construction, upgrades and commissioning.

Infinigy Construction provides complete turnkey management solutions to build telecommunication structures that both meet and exceed design specifications and client standards.

Our teams have constructed thousands of sites for all major carriers including new site construction and network upgrades throughout the United States.

They are trained in carrier and OEM specifications, possess up-to-date safety certifications and are equipped with the latest project management and quality control tools.

Infinigy's process provides the construction project management to ensure that client requirements and expectations are met through cost control, reduced construction cycle time and delivering the highest level of construction quality.

Complete Construction Turnkey Solutions


Site Acquisition Management
Colocation Management
A&E Studies and Drawings
Zoning, Permitting, and Environmental
FAA and FCC Regulatory Compliance Coordination


Maximum process efficiencies
Overall deployment cost reduction
Resourceful planning eliminates delays and redesign
Positive results in schedule and quality
Solid partner that understands project goals

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Engineering is one of Infinigy’s core solutions and the foundation service offering of our company. Infinigy offers a full suite of engineering services and understands the clients’ needs for a successful project. We are experienced in all types of structural upgrades and are experts in the enhancements that need to be made to your infrastructure asset. Let Infinigy certify the integrity of your asset.

“...Infinigy becomes the single source of accountability offering tremendous advantages of saving time, resources and capital. Although these resources are readily seen, the greatest value we provide is found in the quick resolution of issues and problem solving during a project...”

John S. Stevens, P.E. | CEO/Principal


Towers and other wireless structures are now mature beyond capacity and often require structural upgrades and modifications. Structural engineering is one of the core solutions within the service offerings of our company. Infinigy’s structural analyses are performed in-house with an experienced team of Professional Engineers that are registered and licensed in all fifty states. We utilize the most current finite element modeling programs for accuracy, industry specifications and compliance. We value solving engineering obstacles in the design process to prevent costly project delays.


Management commitment to client service and delivery on project requirements

Highly qualified wireless engineering staff experienced in all technologies

Zoning and permitting wireless and land development projects to municipal, state and federal regulations

Engineer-led project teams that understand the technology, finances and operational requirements needed to design and build successful projects

Certified Environmental Consultants and Inspectors to provide expert reporting (Phase I, Phase II, NEPA, Wetland Delineations, SWPPP Inspections and Lead/Asbestos Surveys)
Track record of site specific designs that address client requirements, project objectives, site opportunities/constraints, environmental/regulatory issues and community impact

General contracting, bid coordination and representation for wireless project management

Fifteen regional offices supporting wireless development, engineering and construction projects

National clients include Bechtel, Sprint, American Tower, Crown Castle, SBA, Verizon and AT&T Wireless


In the competitive wireless world, time to market and capital expenditures are the two key matrices evaluated when looking at a project. Partnering with a firm that offers complete end-to-end EF&I services can ensure your project is successful within these matrices.

Infinigy’s scope of EF&I services includes the interconnected solutions that are designed and installed to ensure successful projects for today and the ever-changing market.

Let Infinigy be the source for your success. Our internal processes and procedures allow us to communicate quickly and effectively between disciplines and our team of seasoned project management personnel provides calm, calculated responses to our customer, regardless of the issues that may be involved behind the scenes.

No matter where a project is located, our staff is simply a click away from accessing our project, engineering, and construction management tools allowing your project to always be local to us.


In-Building Wireless Networks

Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport
Aladdin Resort & Casino in Las Vegas
New Hampshire Motor Speedway
Smithsonian Museums
Bolger Center DAS System, Potomac, MD
U.S. Post Office Headquarters DAS System, Washington D.C.


Sprint Network Vision and 2.5 Projects – engineering on over 2,000 sites
AT&T Generator Project – engineering on over 500 sites
T-Mobile L700 Project – engineering on over 750 sites
Verizon Macro and Small Cells – engineering on over 1,000 sites
State of Maryland (Maryland First Project) – engineering on over 100 sites throughout the state
Public Safety Communications Network for State of Virginia (STARS) and City of New York (DoITT – Channel 16)
Over 2,500 wireless sites designed, permitted and deployed

New Hampshire Speedway
Aladdin Casino
Smithsonian Museums

Offerings A&E

Environmental (Phase I, NEPA, SHPO)
Zoning Drawings
View Shed Analysis
Geotechnical Analysis
Utility Design

Wireless Surveying

FAA Certification
Easement Preparations
Construction Layout Services


Detailed Analysis Statement
Structural Assessment
Detailed Structural Analysis and Design
Structural Modifications
Foundation Design
Material and Cost Estimates
Project Management for Modification

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Complete construction management for site preparation, construction, upgrades and commissioning – Design-Build Delivery

Infinigy provides a construction solution through in-house employees and managed contractors. Our teams have constructed thousands of new sites as well as network upgrades for the major wireless carries and tower owners. Construction services have expanded to include technical offerings in testing, fiber, integration, and many other disciplines needed to meet today’s networks. Partnering with the right vendor is the key to meeting your demands and more important than ever.Let Infinigy meet your next project schedule.

Infinigy’s teams are highly trained in carrier and OEM specifications and hold the latest safety certifications. Quality and safety are always a priority on any Infinigy site or project.

Our commitment is to complete cost-effective projects on schedule. We also ensure that all client requirements and expectations are met through controlling build costs and reducing the construction cycle time.

Infinigy has fifteen locations throughout the U.S. that allow our construction crews and teams to perform work locally and regionally. Our services include complete turnkey solutions that have been developed through years of wireless construction experience implementing the highest quality control standards.


Site Preparation and Civil Work
Tower Construction
Construction Project Management
Material Coordination
Warehouse and Inventory Management
Sweep Testing and PIM Testing
Fiber Testing
Battery and Rectifier Systems, DC Power Plant
Equipment Maintenance
Fiber Construction

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DAS / Small Cell

Infinigy is a leader in the design, construction and deployment of DAS and Small Cell technology and is quickly becoming a forerunner in providing targeted coverage and capacity improvements. Today’s networks require densification and enhanced coverage. The Infinigy specialized design-build team understands the importance of providing alternative site designs that meet these challenging needs.Our designs are flexible, yet aesthetically acceptable by both the carriers and local communities. Let Infinigy help take YOU where the people are.

Infinigy has proven their qualifications with the success of multiple major projects throughout the U.S. Working closely with vendors and partners, Infinigy delivers a true design and deployment solution by providing RF design, engineering, in-house construction, installation and a project management team that is second to none in the wireless industry. Our experience includes major construction projects such as noted in the nine Smithsonian Museums, hanging street furniture antennas, building equipment rooms, to most recently building a multi-facility DAS for the U.S. Postal Service in Maryland.


Airports & Transit Hubs
Sports Arenas/Speedways
Public Safety Networks
High Rise & Office Towers
Convention Centers
Government Offices
College Campuses


Architectural & Engineering Services
Construction Services
Network Deployment
Post Deployment Analysis
Upgrade Existing NetworksTechnical Consultancy

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Public Safety

Reliable communication networks are critical to protecting public safety. Infinigy engineering brings extensive design experience to the development of wireless public safety communication systems.

We have worked with government entities, states, and local agencies (such as NYPD) to deliver and strengthen wireless connectivity for public use. Infinigy assumes responsibility for all services associated with the engineering and development of a public safety communication network.

From site design and surveys to zoning and construction the Infinigy team delivers reliable support and performance. We also assist in all local, state and federal agency approvals for project development and governmental wireless projects.


Over 60 site builds for State of Virginia/STARS project in conjunction with the Virginia State Police
Over 50 site builds for City of New York (DoITT/Ch. 16, NYPD and NYFD)
Over 25 site builds for the Nassau County, New York Police Department
Over 100 site builds for the state of Maryland Communications Division
Over 30 site builds throughout MichiganOver 70 site builds for the State of MissouriA pilot initiative by the Joint Program Office of DOJ in Washington and OregonMultiple U.S. Border and Customs Patrol sites


Site Design – Raw Land, Collocations, Water Tank and Rooftop
Site Surveys
Geotech, Phase I and NEPA
Environmental Impact Reports
Environmental Assessments
Structural evaluations
Construction Feasibility Studies
Master Site and Dispatch/E-911 Communication Center Build outs

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